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The Office of the Provost in collaboration with the Registration & Academic Services support our course and curriculum management tool, CIM (pronounced “Kim”). CIM is modeled on our existing course and curriculum approval process and will allow for a more streamlined approach to course and curriculum management while preserving the historical record of additions, changes, and deletions to courses and programs.


CIM Course Inventory Management (used for adding, modifying, or deleting courses)

CIM Program Management (used for adding, modifying, or deleting programs)

Workflow Approval

Overview Videos

5 minute video on reviewing course proposals in CIM

5 minute video on reviewing program proposals in CIM

Questions about CIM can be directed to your CIM College Consultant or to the CIM Team at cim@lehigh.edu.

College Consultant(s)
Arts & Sciences

Bob Booth (Course & Curriculum)

Susan Szczepanski (Administration)

Beth Pelton (Administration)


Val DeCleene (undergraduate)

Emily Ford (undergraduate)

Mary Gulick (graduate)

Education Tom Hammond
Engineering & Applied Science

Sabrina Jedlicka

Robin Armbruster